News of Wingtech

Wingtech is included in the SSE 50, CSI 300and SSE 180.


Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co., Ltd announced that they would adjust the sample stocks of the SSE 50, SSE 180, SSE 380 and other indexes. At the same time, China Securities Index Co., Ltd claimed that they will adjust the index stocks of CSI 300, CSI 100, CSI 500, CSI Hong Kong 100 and other index stocks. This adjustment will take effect on June 15. After this adjustment, Wingtech will be included in the SSE 50 Index, CSI 300 Index, and SSE 180 Index.

Earlier, Wingtech has been included in margin trading, MSCI China A-share onshore index constituent stocks, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, MSCI Global Standard Index and FTSE Russell Flag Index.

Wingtech Technology's performance in 2019 is growing steadily, and it is burgeoning and growing toward to the realization of strategic goals. The inclusion of the three major indexes of SSE 50, CSI 300, and SSE 180 fully demonstrated the capital market's recognition of Wingtech, and also highlights the company's market position as a high-performance technology stock, reflecting the company's further influence in the capital market.